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School provides all the necessary facilities for the all-round development of students. They can be listed as

Well Equipped Class Rooms: The Classrooms ensure comfort without appearing too luxurious. Flawlessly constructed with maximum stress on natural ventilation and lighting, the classrooms are spacious with high-class furniture. Large display and notice boards allow the students scope to highlight charts and other useful information. All in all, a place where learning and Teaching can take place in an atmosphere of quiet and ease.

Science Lab

Science Lab: All the labs are well furnished and equipped to the international specification and standards. To learn science by experimenting, we have well equipped science Lab for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This forms the necessary infrastructure for the acquisition and experimentation of scientific information and knowledge.

Maths Lab: Maths cannot only be learned in the classroom alone. So, to boggle student’s mind, we have Maths lab to puzzle their heads to learn Maths in the practical way. This innovative lab helps students to actually learn the basic fundamentals of Mathematics and by doing this; they become skilled while learning in classroom.

Music: Music is an integral part of our culture. So, Teachers talented in different genre of music, along with a variety of instruments, as well as amenities for various arts and crafts, will enable children to realize their talent here.

Breakfast: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, as the quote suggests, a healthy physical education program is vital to inspire the fact that it is necessary to have a healthy body to have a healthy mind. It provides a clear understanding to develop and have an active life style and good health. Our dietician assists the school and parents in supporting healthy eating practice and counseling diet changes wherever and whenever required for a child or the entire classroom. Thus we follow a 2-pronged approach for inculcating good health and to raise the quality of sharing together, we provide the breakfast in the school.


Library: My never – failing friends are they with whom I converse day by day.
                   - Rabindranath Tagore.

To enjoy and experienced few moments of silence, can only be exists in Library with the amazing collections of Books. World Books, Comics, Books of amazing Facts, as well as other fiction and non-fiction books suitable to our children’s age and interest. This School Library is upgraded once a year from an allotted budget. The library provides an environment to inspire interest and instill a rowing appetite for books.

Transportation: We provide daily transport facility for kid’s pick and drop. Our school buses are safe, well maintained and child friendly. Each bus is driven by a well trained driver and has the presence of a care giver to escort the child.

Sport Ground: A vast playground exists in the campus, spanning several hectares of land. There is a mini basket ball court, a football ground and a cricket ground. The play ground has a wonderful park with the most modern facilities for the children to enjoy their leisure time. We also have sports rooms for individual attention and closer interaction between faculties and students. Our indoor sports room contains IQ related toys for children to engage more with their mind.

Mineral Plant: With a view to provide clean and safe drinking water to students, a mineral water plant has been installed in the school.

Soft Skilled Courses Training: The course will include basic skills in self-management , communication, team dynamics , emotional intelligence, health and hygiene, values in daily life, laws of the land, etiquette and other skills. "These life skills could help in developing better social behavior. It is also aimed at strengthening effective decision-making in their future.”

Digital Class: Imagine whatever you learn from books, become more real with images, videos or in presentation form. What impact it makes? Surprisingly research says that visualization power helps the utilization of mind better than any other technique. Visualization is the best method to learn, so we have digital class where students learn with fun.


CCTV Cameras: At Takshashila, safety and security of the students and staff is of high priority. So we have installed CCTV cameras into the classrooms, lobby, stairs, ground and gates. We actively monitor of behavior of all involved in Takshashila School.

Parents’ Workshops: We provide parents with dozens of interactive and fun-filled workshops (including topics such as Reading, Math, Science, Motivation, Homework, Discipline, Preparing for Middle and High School, etc.). The centers also offer resources that parents can use at home to assist them in their roles as their children's "Learning Partners" at home. In addition, the centers offer ESL classes, parenting classes, and after school tutoring.