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About Takshshila

What comes with Name Takshashila?

It’s Ancient, Heritage & Educational hub where students are made in Global Leaders. It is driven by vision of tomorrow’s India whose children are cultured, knowledgeable, educated, environment conscious and ready to become next gen leaders. The knowledge of today’s world has become so rapid that we cannot comprise it within the limited academic world. To achieve and make this vision reality, Takshashila has started their education institute named “Takshashila School” in 2006 with merely 46 students at the holy land of Idar.

Holistic Education, Scientific Management, Latest Technology and Quality control is the mantra of Takshashila School and this can be seen in terms of academic, co-curricular and financial achievements throughout. Currently more than 500 children are taking education in Takshashila School which itself says about the establishment and acceptance of Takshashila School among community.

Our aim is to bring educational revolution among students of Idar and surroundings by providing knowledge in classrooms. Our School teachers are like ancient times Priests, impart “Prasads” of divine knowledge to students. Takshashila School is dedicated to provide quality education and always try to extend our reach to the maximum in delivering the best in school education. We emphasize on shaping the future of education in a way that creates and makes schooling productive, cheerful & inspiring. To fulfill next gen educational requirement, we have established the "Learners' Campus" where the student doesn't remain only passive receiver of collective information but the learner of discovering the journey of knowledge itself.

Who has the best imagination & lots of curiosity? Answer is Children.

So to give them platform to enhance their imagination and satisfy their curiosity, we have designed our curriculum in a way where we let the child’s imagination going by turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Do different children have different learning capabilities? Answer is NO.

Each child has the potential to learn at the same pace only difference arises not because of capabilities but the way learning is taught. We do not restrict our education to test books but go beyond and use technology, implement projects, games, learning centers and various other methods of creating knowledge in the classrooms. We have designed our Teaching system after various research & trial by professional team from all different areas. Our teaching methods are constantly evolving to ensure development of individual student and prepare them for any challenges & uncertainties of the future.

Notice Board
  • Congratulation to our Karate Team. click here to see Karate Competition Winner
  • Final Result Will be declare soon.
  • All parents who wants their children to be a part of “Takshashila School” and wants to take admission please contact in school.
Principal Desk
In this 21st Century, Increasing ethics and correct attitudes is the challenge for all Principal has to confront against all odds. To facilitate the finest grow of the god-given talents of the student community by providing constant exposure to a variety of more...
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