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We are strictly following an activity oriented curriculum in the school. Many extracurricular activities are added with academic activities like


Art & Craft: We provide foundation for creative arts program by providing maximum opportunities and exposure to all mediums and fields. This helps in provoking student's creativity.

Dance: Dance is one of the extracurricular activities offered by the school. The classes are planned in such a way that by the end of the year these students would be able to perform simple folk dances without inhibition.

Music: Music is an integral part of our culture. So, Teachers talented in different genre of music, along with a variety of instruments, as well as amenities for various arts and crafts, will enable children to realize their talent here.


Karate: We understand the psychological & physical aspects of self defense so knowing the techniques & tactics for self preservation & to ensure personal safety. Through our karate classes we provide comprehensive understanding of basics of self defense.

Sports: Sports and games form an important part of the student's life. Sports tournaments at various levels in chess, badminton, basketball, volley-ball, gymnastics, football, roller-skating, and athletics are part of our school curriculum. This not only enhances the spirit of healthy competition, but also equips the child to be disciplined, well coordinated and improves their abilities to work and excel individually and in a team. The budding talents are given special coaching in their respective disciplines by experts and are offered maximum opportunity to participate in the district and state level inter-school competitions.


Trekking: These are carefully crafted programmes of outdoor experiences in a series of sequential and cumulative modules to make the students environmentally sensitive and sensible. Through multi-sensory learning experiences consisting of activities and games, the students are taken closer to nature. The modules are designed to change their perspectives and motivate them to take action in terms of reducing their impact on the earth. Camping activity starts with the students of class 1 itself, with a day’s camp and gradually increases to duration of four nights and five days for the students of higher classes. Students learn a lot more from nature trails, trekking, activities and games than what they can through just reading in a textbook.


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